3 Briggs & Stratton Engine Innovations on Popular Mechanics Best Tools List

At Briggs & Stratton we don’t just pride ourselves on our longstanding brand and traditions, you can expect new and groundbreaking innovations from us too. Every year, we attend the Green Industry and Equipment Expo in Louisville, Kentucky and debut new engines and  outdoor power equipment that help empower our users. This year, three of our latest offerings were included by Popular Mechanics in its list “10 Best Tools From the Outdoor Power Equipment Show.”

Here’s more on the Briggs & Stratton game-changing small engines and products included on Popular Mechanics’ list:

Briggs Products on PM Best Lawn Mower & Outdoor Power Equipment List

1. Toro Recycler Mower with SmartStow made possible with Briggs & Stratton Mow ‘N’ Stow™ engine


This groundbreaking lawn mower is capable of being stored upright. This is made possible by our new engine with a unique fuel tank design, “no weep” carburetor and improved seals and gaskets enable gas and oil to stay in their respective places, helping prevent leakage. Perhaps best of all, now you’ll get back some precious garage space.

Product details for the Mow ‘N’ Stow engine are coming soon to the push mower engines page.

2. Briggs & Stratton POWERflow+ Gas Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer

The new Briggs & Stratton POWERflow+ Technology™ is available on select gas pressure washers and features a pressure washer pump with two cleaning modes, high pressure and high flow. This breakthrough pressure washer propels the stream up to 30 ft. with the same impact as a standard pressure washer at 15 feet. Now you can use the same pressure washer for tough jobs like deck cleaning and the more delicate car washing.

Product info for POWERflow+ are coming soon to the pressure washers section.

3. Simplicity Prestige™ Tractor

Simplicity Prestige Garden Tractor

The Simplicity Prestige Tractor features a Briggs & Stratton Professional Series™ V-Twin with ERM which offers consistent and reliable starting at all temperatures. The garden tractor also features a 50-inch deck with electrically controlled variable-height adjustment. Plus, it mows at 8 mph so you can fulfill your need for mowing speed.

Find for info on this and other tractor engines from Briggs & Stratton.

Briggs & Stratton’s small engine innovations continue to revolutionize the outdoor power equipment industry. Our customers can always look forward to the latest small engine technology to make their lives easier.

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