3 Essential Snow Blower Maintenance Parts: Must-Haves for this Winter Season

The last thing you want to deal with at 6 a.m. on a snowy Monday is a malfunctioning snow blower, leaving a mountain of snow at the end of your driveway blocking your car’s path. Based on years of experience with some of Wisconsin’s wildest winters, here are the three spare parts and components to always have on hand for your two-stage snow blower.

First and foremost always reference your operator’s manual before using equipment. Also remember before starting any snow blower repair, turn off your unit, bring it to the garage, and let the snow melt.

1. Shear pins

These little guys are the unsung heroes of snow blower performance, holding the augers and impeller fans in place. Luckily, they’re fairly inexpensive and easy to replace. It’s important to use original equipment manufacturer genuine pins to ensure proper sizing and strength. For instance, these pins work for specific Briggs & Stratton models.

Shear Pins

2. Skid shoes

On a two-stage snow blower, such as this Briggs & Stratton model, two adjustable metal “shoes” keep the auger from coming into contact with the pavement. While they wear out relatively slowly, years of repeated friction will take its toll.

Check your snow blower’s skid shoes regularly and replace them when they no longer keep your auger at the desired level. This will help avoid auger – and pavement – damage.

Skid Shoes

3. Cold weather engine oil

When temperatures fall, traditional oil has a harder time flowing easily through an engine. This can lead to performance issues and puts your snow blower engine at higher risk for failing.

Check your oil levels regularly, especially prior to each winter and more frequently depending on usage. When it’s time to add, use a synthetic oil that performs better in cold weather, such as this 5W30 small engine oil.

Along with performance, this will extend the life of your engine, help you avoid costly repairs – and most importantly, reduce the chance of being stuck at the end of your driveway with a broken snow blower.

Cold Weather Oil

Got everything you need? Make sure you follow our snow blower maintenance and tune up plan.

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