3 Essential Yard Tools for a Beautiful Lawn This Spring

There are a lot of great things about working for Briggs & Stratton. One of them is that I get to talk to a lot people who know a lot about how to keep my lawn looking great. It’s especially important this time of year, now that the growing season has (finally) started and I am eager to set the stage for a great looking lawn all summer.

Of course, working here at Briggs, a lot of our conversation about lawn revolves around outdoor power equipment, yard tools and what pieces are must-haves to prep your lawn for a season of healthy grass. Certainly proper water, seeding and fertilizer are critical, but there are also some outdoor power equipment must-haves that are important as well.

My top three go-to pieces of outdoor power equipment for spring lawn preparation are:


All of the water and fertilizer in the world won’t help your lawn if they can’t reach the soil beneath your grass. That’s why aeration is so important. When soil gets too compact, it prevents the circulation of air, water and nutrients needed to grow a lush lawn.

Aeration is basically perforating the soil and allowing the grass roots to get what they need. Check out our aeration article for in depth information on the types of aerators available. These yard tools make soil maintenance easy. Since I only use it once a year or once every other year, I just rent a plug aerator from my local dealer.

Yard Tools for a Beautiful LawnLawn mower:

OK, this one’s too easy. Of course the lawn mower is the workhorse of all of my outdoor power equipment. I have a walk-behind model that is perfect for my yard. But before taking it for it’s inaugural run of the year, I take fifteen minutes to tune it up. It’s so easy with Briggs & Stratton tune up kit and it extends the life of my lawn mower, keeps it running smoothly and helps reduce emissions. If you are in the market for a lawn mower this year, you might want to read these lawn mower buying tips from Briggs & Stratton or watch this lawn mower video from Consumer Reports.

String Trimmer:

Yes, it’s one of the smaller tools in my outdoor power equipment arsenal but don’t let it’s size fool you. I use my string trimmer all the time, especially this time of year. In fact, I wrote an entire blog post about how much I like my string trimmer.

I use this yard tool to clear the brush and weeds on my slope that I didn’t get to last fall. It gets into tight spots that my mower can’t and of course after mowing, I use it to clean up the edges along my driveway and front walk to really finish the look.

String trimmers come in both gas and electric models. Since I use mine for tasks like clearing brush, weeds and tall grass I need the power that gas provides. To find out more about string trimmers and to see which kind is right for you, check out the Briggs & Stratton String Trimmer Buying Guide.

So, there you have it, my three must-have yard tools for this time of year. What are your go-to pieces of outdoor power equipment for spring lawn clean-up?

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