4 Tips for Fall Yard Care

For those of us in the Northern U.S. the first frost is probably right around the corner, which means that it’s time for lawn and garden winter preparation. Although it’s time to say goodbye to the heat loving plants, there are actually many gardening techniques that will allow you to enjoy a colorful yard throughout the fall.

  1. Bring In or Cover Up Potted Plants

    Many plants cannot handle freezing temperatures, so your best bet is to bring potted plants indoors. Here are some great hints on the best ways to protect plants from the cold, for instance: Place the pots near windows and away from air vents so they can soak up sun without drying out from drafts.

    For outdoor plants that can’t be moved, cover them with cheesecloth or clear agricultural cloth. Every area is different so it is important to adapt and stay up to date with your local temperatures and precipitation.

  2. Mulch, Water and Mow

    Reinvigorate soil with nutrients by adding fertilizer or compost, and add a layer of mulch to gardens to provide insulation from the cold. The mulch will warm root systems and act as a blanket between your plants and snow. Continue watering your garden and yard but do so less frequently.

    Similar to your watering schedule, your mowing schedule may lighten up too. You may get away with mowing less often in the fall months since grass grows more slowly. If you raised your mower deck in the summer heat, remember to lower your mower deck height. Short grass survives winter better because it doesn’t succumb to the weight of snow and ice, but still never cut more than 1/3 of the blade of grass during your cutting sessions.

  3. Plant Hardy Varieties

    Despite the chill in the air, there are many flowers and leafy vegetables that are hardy enough for fall. For colorful foliage that will provide texture in your yard, check out how to adapt your garden to the cooler weather

    Next year, consider planting ground cover in early summer. Flowering ground cover is another opportunity to add beautiful color and aroma to your yard in late summer and fall. Read more about these beautiful ground covers.

  4. Organize For Spring

    Last but not least, clean and organize as you store lawn decorations, hoses and pots for winter. The time you spend now organizing your yard decor and tools will pay off in busy spring. Check out our top 7 tips to organize your garage.

  5. Winter Prep

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