5 Lawn Mowing Tips From Raising Men Lawn Care Founder Rodney Smith on his 50 States, 50 Lawns Tour

From New Mexico to New York, Rodney Smith Jr. has seen it all. The founder of Raising Men Lawn Care Service recently returned home from his 50 States, 50 Lawns tour, mowing lawns in every state in the U.S. for single moms, veterans and the elderly.

All of us at Briggs & Stratton were proud to support Rodney and Raising Men Lawn Care Service (RMLCS) with funds and equipment and even participating at his stop in our hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During his nationwide trek, Rodney tackled lawns varying in size, grass and terrain and it became clear that certain tips and tricks went long way when cutting loads of lawns.

Here are five of Rodney’s tips you can use to improve your mowing game:

1. Safety first
“Lawnmowers can be a dangerous tool,” Smith said. “It’s important to handle them safely.” When first-time mowers sign-up for his 50-yard challenge, Smith stresses the importance of eye and ear protection and closed-toed shoes. He also recommends taking a quick survey of your yard to avoid running over stumps or other objects. Before mowing your lawn, check out a full list of our safety tips here.

2. Lawnmower maintenance
If it’s been a while since you’ve maintained your machine, the idea of a tune-up can feel a bit overwhelming. But maintaining your lawn mower is important for not only your equipment, but your lawn and your wallet. Change your oil and sharpen your blades every few months to avoid costly repairs down the road and keep your equipment running optimally.

Cleaning your lawn mower is also important, but often overlooked, according to Smith. And keeping your mower clean doesn’t have to be a pain. The deck washout port on Smith’s lawn mower allowed him to quickly and easily maintain his equipment from the road.

“You just hook your hose up and flush out the bottom of your mower,” he said.

3. Use the right equipment
While on tour, Smith nicknamed his Snapper® mower with its Briggs & Stratton® engine “The Red Monster” because its power and strength could handle thick grass and large, uneven terrain. But, your yard may require more than a walk mower. Smith said riding lawn mowers may be needed for large lawns, or if the terrain is difficult to walk. If you’re wondering what equipment is right for your lawn, check out some reasons to choose a riding lawn mower.

4. Just do it
When grass gets too long, it can become more difficult and more dangerous to cut. While Rodney was on tour, he mowed a lawn that hadn’t been cut in more than a year. After he mowed the lot, its owner broke down in tears. Doing a little each week to keep your own lawn maintained and well-trimmed can help you avoid what could become long, frustrating and potentially dangerous afternoons in your yard, Smith said.

5. Make it enjoyable
Smith has one simple tip to freshen up your mowing routine—just enjoy yourself. This may mean mowing during cooler parts of the day, switching up your mowing pattern.

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