5 signs it’s time to upgrade to a riding lawn mower

Bad knee? More acreage than an Iowa corn farmer? An affinity for cup holders? Yep, you’re ready to step up your lawn mowing game. In all seriousness, at least two of those are great reasons to upgrade to a riding lawn mower.

To ease your decision-making process, I’ve pulled together five factors I consider important when weighing whether you want to go from a walk-behind lawn mower to a riding lawn mower.

1. You have an acre or more of grass:

If you have so much grass to mow that it would make the groundskeeper at Augusta National Golf Club jealous, it’s time to seriously consider a riding mower. Generally, the rule of thumb is a lawn that’s an acre or bigger is deserving of a riding mower.

It will save you tons of time and generally make the job easier. If your yard is an acre and you don’t need your mower to do much more than cut grass, consider a rear-engine mower with a smaller mowing deck.

2. You need more hauling capacity:

Do you find yourself lugging bags of mulch around your yard each spring? Maybe it’s the loads of perennials or landscaping blocks you need to move. Regardless, if you’re consistently hauling stuff around a large lawn, then a front-engine tractor is a great choice.

These allow you to add utility carts to transport the tools you need. Or, the new Simplicity Courier™ residential zero-turn mower comes with a built in rear cargo-bed for enhanced utility.

3. You need to take a load off:

Mowing a large lawn can take a toll on anyone, but if you have certain health issues you may be more inclined to purchase a riding lawn mower. If you have bad knees or hips, a riding mower can make lawn care easier for you. It’s also worth considering if you have heart or breathing issues that prevent you from exerting the energy needed to use a walk-behind mower.

4. You need to get the job done quicker:

Let’s face it, we all have busy schedules. Whether it’s your kids’ baseball game or you want to sneak away to go mountain biking, a riding tractor or zero-turn mower is a great timesaving option. With more power and larger decks, riding mowers can cut mowing time in half. Zero-turn mowers are also a great time saving option given their easy maneuverability, mowing round trees and flowerbeds is quick and simple.

5. You need it to be multi-functional:

Garden tractors generally have PTO (power take-off) belts that allow you to attach and power snow throwers, tillers and more. This way you can turn your lawn mower into a multi-functional piece of equipment for year round use.

If you’re still not sure, check out this article about how to choose a lawn mower. We’re sure you’ll have enough information at your fingertips to make a great decision!

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