6 Best Pressure Washer Tips to Help Avoid Common Mistakes

6 Best Pressure Washer Tips or How to Use a Pressure WasherSummer is finally here and hopefully you’re enjoying the warm weather by hosting a barbeque or two on the patio and playing with chalk with the kids in the driveway. Don’t let cleanup after these activities lessen the enjoyment of your summer! By quickly and easily using your pressure washer, no one will be any the wiser to the messes and stains you may have acquired while making summer memories.

How to Use a Pressure Washer in 6 Tips:

  1. Let the soap soak: If using pressure washer detergent to clean difficult stains, be sure to let it soak for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. Detergent, through its composition, needs time to attach to a stain and lift it from the surface being cleaned.
  2. Use consistent pressure: After selecting the best pressure washer and attachments for your project, always keep the spray nozzle perpendicular to the surface you’re cleaning and keep a steady motion to avoid zebra striping – an effect caused by applying inconsistent pressure. And as always, make sure to follow proper pressure washer safety instructions located in the operator’s manual and review these safety tips.
  3. Use proper power washing technique: Mask the starts and stops of your sweep by “feathering” your strokes, or in other words, overlapping each previous sweep with half of the height of new sweep.
  4. Leave enough drying time: After pressure washing decks, fences, railings or other wooden surfaces, let dry 48 hours, then seal with paint, stain or a sealer preservative according to the manufacturer’s directions to keep the surface looking new for longer.
  5. Use the right attachments for the right job: To clean even faster, use a rotating surface cleaner or turbo nozzle – two pressure washer accessories that are extremely effective and definitely worth the investment.
  6. Use a fuel stabilizer and don’t allow your gas to go bad: Stale gas is the most common problem in starting outdoor power equipment and can be avoided by using a fuel stabilizer in the gas tank. Be sure to put the fuel stabilizer in immediately after you fill up the gas can at the gas station.

Now that you’re all set to use your pressure washer this summer, you’ll be back to entertaining, playing and relaxing outside in no time!

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