6 Easy-to-Avoid Lawn Care Mistakes

Regardless of whether you are a new homeowner, or a seasoned lawn care veteran, the height of the summer season is a great time to revisit some of the most common mistakes homeowners make when taking care of their lawns. Simply follow these lawn care tips to keep your yard looking its best.

Lawn Care Tips by Briggs & Stratton

1. Skimping On Lawn Care Tools

“Use the right tool for the job.” It’s age-old advice, and for good reason. Equipping yourself with essential yard care gear will help you work more efficiently – saving you time, frustration and cold hard cash in hard-to-use tools. Start with the basics: sturdy garden gloves, hand tools and garden pruners, a quality rake and shovel, a good gardening hose, a string trimmer and the best lawn mower for your yard.

2. Planting a Garden Without Planning

Walk through any garden store, home improvement center, or nursery and it’s easy to get swept away by a veritable kaleidoscope of floral offerings. But it’s critical to keep in mind that what looks beautiful in the store, under well trained nurturing, may not fit your landscaping, or your lifestyle. To avoid spending a small fortune on plants that require too much maintenance, or simply won’t grow in your own backyard, pay careful attention to sun exposure requirements, and be realistic about what your landscape can accommodate. Also, ask for help selecting flowers, plants and trees that are right for your region. That way, you can be sure you’re making a lasting investment that will survive and thrive in your outdoors.

3. Mowing Grass Too Short

You have plenty of company if you think cutting your grass extra short means you’ll have to mow less. Truth is, if you “scalp” your lawn, you’ll wind up spending a lot more time trying to repair lawn damage than you would spend on an extra run with the mower each week. Cutting grass too short leaves it vulnerable to insect invasion and disease. To keep your lawn lush and healthy, keep a moderate grass length and only cut the top third of the lawn’s blade. Get more Lawn Care Tips from Briggs & Stratton today!blade pic

Regular fertilization is one of the best ways to promote a thick, healthy lawn – and to prevent weeds and other lawn problems. To make it easy to remember when and how often to fertilize your lawn, simply follow the holiday schedule: Fertilize on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving. Check out our article on Fertilizing 101 for more on fertilizing schedules, how-to instructions and more yard care tips.

5. Ignoring Weeds & Too Low Maintenance:

So many homeowners plant and go, skipping the upkeep of their garden areas. As a result, appearance suffers. And most likely, weeds will begin to take over flowers and other foliage. Garden and lawn care need upkeep throughout the season. To keep your plantings healthy and beautify your view, weed garden beds at least twice a month.

6. Cutting Curb Appeal Short with Front Yard Neglect

Because the backyard is usually the preferred place for rest and recreation, the front yard often takes a backseat to the backyard when it comes to care and upkeep. If you’re putting all your energy into your backyard and neglecting the front, consider the impact on your home’s curb appeal. Your front yard creates a powerful first impression about your home’s general condition – and value. And since 84% of homeowners feel an obligation to their neighbors to maintain a good-looking yard, applying these lawn care tips to both areas will lead to neighborhood harmony!

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