7 Cold Weather Tailgating Tips

In warm weather you can get away with throwing a few beverages, sandwiches and dips in a cooler and heading out to the parking lot. But, when the weather gets cold, you absolutely must plan ahead.

Follow these tips to ensure you’re prepared to tailgate and enjoy the game even in cold temperatures:

  1. A hat is a must. Without it, you will feel colder, faster. Your head and face are extra sensitive to temperature, so you’ll get uncomfortable quick. Forget the hairstyle and be warm. Add a scarf and gloves or mittens while you’re at it.
  2. A jersey, jeans and a sweatshirt likely won’t keep you warm all game day long. Assume you’ll need at least three layers of clothing—inner to wick away moisture, the next to insulate and keep cold out, and an outer to keep moisture and wind at bay. For your feet, sports socks, wool socks then boots are the way to go. (Bonus hint: Bring hand and foot warmers packets. They stay warm for hours and keep those extremities toasty.)
  3. Finger foods are not a good idea. If you have to take off your gloves or mittens to eat your hands will get cold quicker. Soup, stew or chili is your best bet when it comes to food. Not only is it warm and hearty, you can drink it out of a mug or easily use a spoon with your gloves on. Bringing a thermos works, but I recommend a crock pot—you can keep it warmer longer by powering it with a inverter generator—or a barbeque with a side burner to keep it warm.
  4. Bring your own heat. If you tailgate frequently consider investing in an outdoor heater. While you can purchase a propane model, you’ve got a lot more selection if you buy an electric model and use your portable generator to power it.
  5. Cushions and blankets can provide extra warmth. A cushion or pillow makes a nice layer between you and cold metal or plastic stadium seats. Just be sure to check in advance that cushions and blankets are allowed at your stadium.

If you use a portable generator, we recommend that you fully read and follow all safety instructions found in your operator’s manual.

Cold weather tailgating can be a lot of fun, depending on how well you plan. So do yourself a favor and plan ahead a little, layer up, be safe and have fun!

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