7 Spring Break Home Security Tips

Before you depart for spring break with the family, consider these security tips to keep your home safe and sound while you’re away. Yard upkeep plays a significant role in deterring home invasion, so Briggs & Stratton has gathered some helpful suggestions below.

According to ADT Home Security, a home invasion occurs every 13 seconds in the United States. Burglars are experts at observing vacant homes, so many security tips are designed to contradict these signs.

Listed below are some quick security suggestions for when you’re home and away.

1. Trim your shrubs and mow the lawn.

Maintain bushes and trees to eliminate hiding places for burglars and trim your grass to maintain the appearance that you’re home. If there is snow on the ground, snow blow before you leave. Hire a lawn service or neighbor to keep things tidy until you return.

2. Invest in backup power

In the event that your home experiences a power outage in your absence, a standby generator will automatically pick up where your electricity left off. To learn more about the value of a standby generator, here’s a handy Q & A.

3. Hold or forward newspaper and mail delivery.

It takes two easy steps to hold mail with the United States Postal Service, and most newspapers allow you to hold your delivery online or on the phone. Piled up newspapers is a dead giveaway that you’re not home.

4. Install timers on interior and exterior lights.

Timers are relatively inexpensive. Keep your home well lit to increase visibility in your yard and entrances.

5. Lock and secure all doors and windows.

Contact your local police department to see if an officer will conduct a safety walkthrough of your home.

6. Install motion sensor lights.

Similar to timers, motion sensor lights will keep the area around your home well lit while you’re away.

7. Notify friends or family to check your home during your vacation.

It’s a good idea to let trustworthy neighbors know when you’re out of town so they can help keep an eye on your home. If they see something strange they will know to contact the authorities. Additionally, your local police department may send a squad car to drive past your home in your absence.

In addition to increasing home security and peace of mind, regular yard maintenance will keep your lawn happy and healthy while you’re out of town.

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