9 Steps to Solve Pressure Washer Problems

As with all outdoor power equipment, it’s important to properly maintain your pressure washer to ensure you’re getting the most cleaning power during every use. Before working on your pressure washer, read your operator’s manual and review these pressure washer safety guidelines.

If you experience a drop in water pressure or volume, and to keep your unit ready for primetime cleaning follow these helpful tips:

  1. Switch to a high pressure nozzle.
  2. Move the throttle control to the “fast” speed.
  3. Disconnect the garden hose from the water inlet and clean the inlet and filter screen. If the screen is damaged, remove and install a new screen.
  4. Check the O-rings and if they’re damaged, remove them with a small flathead screwdriver and replace.
  5. Check if the spray gun is leaking and replace with a new one, if necessary.
  6. Shut off the engine, purge air from the pump and remove the nozzle orifice from the adjustable nozzle or remove the spray tip from the nozzle extension. Clean the orifice or spray tip.
  7.  Ensure supply water temperature is below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you think your pressure washer pump is faulty, test it by:

  1. Removing the high pressure hose from the pump.
  2. Attaching the garden hose and turn on water so water flows through the pump.
  3. Turning on the engine and water flow should increase in pressure from where it exits the pump.

If the water flow increases, there is likely a clog in an attachment like the high pressure hose, gun, wand or nozzle. If water flow doesn’t increase there may be an internal pump issue and you should contact a certified Briggs & Stratton service dealer.

As you get your pressure tuned up and back to tidying your home, here are 7 more tips to improve your cleaning routine this summer.

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