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As Marketing Director of Consumer Engines and Service at Briggs and Stratton, it’s her conversations with dealers and consumers about the industry, trends and products that Carissa enjoys the most. The opportunity to write for the Briggs PowerSmarts blog is simply an extension of those conversations that excite her. When she’s not at work talking engines, chances are she’s getting her hands dirty with a home remodeling project, yard work (including mowing with her walk behind mower powered, of course, by Briggs & Stratton). Carissa doesn’t just work in the home improvement category – she lives it. And when she’s not talking about or playing with engines, she’s probably with her family and dogs, out on her boat, entertaining or indulging her foodie tendencies.

QPT: Quiet Lawn Mower Engine

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Let’s face it. The world is a pretty noisy place. There are lots of annoying sounds we could all do without. Loud bosses (not mine, of course), honking horns, people talking way too loud on their cell phones, and my personal favorite, jackhammers. I can’t stand jackhammers. At Briggs & Stratton, we are out to [...]