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Dan Benischek

About Dan Benischek

As Director of the Briggs & Stratton Answer Center, Dan and his team have just about heard it all and answered it all when it comes to Briggs & Stratton’s products. The Answer Center fields thousands of calls a year from consumers, dealers, and retailers about anything under the sun dealing with Briggs and Stratton engines and products. And just when he thinks he’s heard it all, a call will come in with a query that they’ve never dealt with. (Like:" Do we make a generator that can run on the methane emanating from an outhouse?") Dan’s philosophy is that an informed customer is a loyal customer and he wants to do all he can to help make their ownership experience better. When he’s not educating Briggs & Stratton dealers and equipment owners, Dan is with his wife and two young children, spending time outside and cheering for the Nebraska Cornhuskers (for which his Wisconsin-based colleagues forgive him). Have a question for Dan?