AVOID Unnecessary Snow Blower Repair from Ethanol Damage

The folks in Wyoming County Pennsylvania are finding out the hard way: ethanol is causing damage to hundreds of snowblower engines at the worst possible time. And they’re not alone. With the latest storm dumping snow up and down the Easy Coast, many homeowners will be counting on their snow blowers to dig them out – but could soon find themselves in the same situation.

Most of the problems are with the carburetor and the mechanics are saying fuel with ethanol is corroding the parts. They are recommending using fuel stabilizer to help combat the problem and our engine experts couldn’t agree more.

To avoid unnecessary snow blower repair, certain gasoline blends should never be used in small gas engines such as those found in snow blowers, lawn mowers, pressure washers and other outdoor power equipment. That’s why the OPEI receintly announced a new ethanol education and awareness campaign, “Look Before You Pump” to help educate consumers about the ill-effects of high-level ethanol containing gas.

Look Beofre You Pump: Avoiding Snow Blower Repair & Problems

Fuel blends containing more than 10 percent ethanol, like E15 or %85 gasoline, or gasoline containing other alcohol blends can not only damage small engines, but repairs needed from using unapproved gasoline blends are not covered under the Briggs & Stratton engine warranty. To avoid snow blower repair, consumers have the option to purchase ethanol-free, canned-fuel products – a solution that could save a lot of money in the long run.

Consumers should look for the “Look Before You Pump” warning logo when purchasing new outdoor power equipment models and those with older models of snow blowers, lawn mowers, and other power equipment can find more information from the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute at www.opei.org.

With the amount of snow we’ve been getting this winter, this story is an important reminder to take care of the equipment that adds convenience to our everyday lives. Contact Briggs & Stratton service dealers for any snow blower repair concerns or for a tune-up at the end of the season to ensure you’re ready for the next (and hopefully last) winter storms.

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