To Bag, Rake or Mulch Leaves

I’ll admit it.  For as much joy as summer brings me and my family (boating, entertaining in our backyard kitchen, summer festivals), autumn is actually my favorite season.  If you live in a state with four seasons, you understand the stunning kaleidoscope of colors autumn brings, first on the trees, and then on the ground.

Yard Clean Up Using My Lawn Mower as a Leaf Mulcher

So every October, I find myself entrenched in an ongoing debate amongst my neighbors, to bag leaves, mulch leaves, or (gasp) rake leaves.

I prefer using a leaf mulcher.  I like the efficiency of “mowing” leaves with a mulching blade on my Briggs and Stratton lawn mower.  To ensure I mulch the leaves as fine as possible, I am committed to mulching twice a week for the two or three weeks the leaves fall.  I also pay close attention to the weather:  leaf mulching too many wet leaves can create a layer that actually smothers the grass, and could lead to turf grass and lawn problems.  And for those of you with an abundance of pine trees, grab a good set of gloves – raking is your best option since pine needles are much harder to grind and they don’t break down easily in the soil.

And now…onto cleaning the patio!

Yard Clean Up with a Leaf Mulcher



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