Briggs & Stratton Snow Blower Review from Ask The Builder

Whether you’re in the market for a new snow blower or you’re just a fan of Briggs & Stratton, check out this review of our the 24″ 9.00 Gross Torque Medium-Duty Dual Stage snow blower24″ 9.00 Gross Torque Medium-Duty Two Stage snow blower review from Tim Carter, a popular blogger and handyman at

Briggs and Stratton Two Stage Snow Blower Review

Tim starts the snowblower review by asking, “…Who’s going to win the battle, is it going to be Mother Nature with her 9-10 inches of fluffy snow or is it going to be Briggs and Stratton?”

Each step of the demonstration review, Tim explains how, “[The]snow blower is really simple to move and it’s got a powerful two stage mechanism to blow the snow up to 38 feet. It’s got a nice free hand control that allows you to steer the machine and have the augers turning with just one hand on the handle bar.”

Briggs Two Stage Snow Blower Reviews from Ask the Builder

He goes on to explain the snow thrower specs in detail like how the dual serrated auger blades easily remove crusty snow. He then explains that the machine is guaranteed to start at 20 degrees below zero and can blow snow up to 38 feet remove snow at 24 inches wide and up to 19 ½ inches deep. It even has a push button chute rotation to change the direction the snow is thrown – instead of a manual crank. Plus, Tim is a big fan of the headlights that light his path in low light, making snow removal easier.

Thanks Tim, for your honest opinion and great review. Tim Carter contacted us in December and asked to review and test our snow blower during this particularly snowy winter. Tim is located in New Hampshire and the snow blower arrived just in time to help out after another big winter snowfall.

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