Briggs & Stratton Snow Engine Starting Promise Won’t Leave You Out in the Cold

Briggs & Stratton Snowblowers: Snow Engine Warranty

Some parts of the country have already experienced extreme weather conditions this winter. Here in Milwaukee, we saw a low of -13F on January 7, which was the lowest temperature since 1999. Add snow to the mix and you may be left wondering whether or not your snow blower will start when you need it most.

Briggs & Stratton’s Snow Engine Starting Promise guarantees that select Briggs & Stratton Snow Series and Professional Series snowblower engines  will start within two electric start attempts, in arctic temperatures down to -20F or we’ll fix it for free.

How long is the Snow Engine Starting Promise warranty valid?

You get peace of mind for the first two years of snow blower ownership. Of course, we rely on you to follow proper starting procedures and fuel specifications guidelines as outlined in your operator’s manual. See more of our Snow Engine Starting Promise.

Which snow blowers are covered by this engine warranty?

Briggs & Stratton snow engines power a variety of brands, including our snow blowers. All Briggs & Stratton models, from the light-duty, single-stage snow blower to the heavy-duty 2-stage snow blower, include the Snow Starting Promise. Talk to your local snow blower dealer for more information.


Still have questions?

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