Electric Pressure Washers with Power: New Briggs & Stratton PowerFlow+ with 2000 PSI

It used to be that you had to make concessions if you opted for an electric pressure washer. But, our new electric pressure washer has a max 2000 PSI*, so depending on the task at hand, it may have all the power you need.

And since it’s electric, all you have to do is plug it in, hook up your water source and you are cleaning! It’s so easy that you’ll be looking for excuses to plug this one in and get washing (you might even go clean your neighbor’s patio)!

In addition to the power and ease, our new S2000P also has PowerFlow+ Technology™ which allows you the flexibility to take on tough jobs like the post-winter patio stains and that grime on your driveway, but also has a high-flow mode that’s gentle enough for cars, plastic patio furniture and children’s outdoor toys. The high pressure mode really gets the dirt up and the high flow mode rinses it away.

This pressure washer also has a sturdy steel frame. But that doesn’t mean that it’s heavy or bulky. The steel frame makes it very durable, but still lightweight and portable. In fact, the handle folds down making this unit so compact that you’ll have no problem just putting it up on a garage shelf when you are done using it.

Powerflow Pressure Washer Briggs & Stratton

If you want to check out the Briggs & Stratton S2000P, you can find it at Amazon, HomeDepot.com, Power Equipment Direct, Mid-States, Menards and Lowes Canada.

Just think of all of your spring cleaning projects that could be made easier with this new pressure washer:

Powerflow Pressure Washer Briggs & Stratton

Just think, that moss on your retaining wall? Gone. The gunk at the bottom of your trash cans that you don’t even want to think about? See ya. Your muddy bike that just came back from the awesome single track run? Clean. And this is just the start. What projects will you tackle with your new cleaning machine?

*per PWMA PW101-2010

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