Ethanol-Free Gas: Prevent Engine Damage from Flex Fuel

There’s no doubt Briggs & Stratton® engines are built to last.  We receive dozens of letters from satisfied customers every year, telling us about how their Briggs & Stratton engine is three generations old, or how their small engine has survived acts of Mother Nature like floods and hurricanes, or how their Briggs & Stratton engine has outlasted their first, and sometimes even second, and third marriages (yeah, we know).

One of the best ways to ensure your engine will last is by maintaining “good engine health”.  But what causes “unhealthy” engine problems?  Well, many lawn mower and outdoor power equipment owners don’t realize one of the biggest enemies to gas engines is ethanol-blended flex fuel.  Ethanol gas, most commonly E15 or E85 fuel, is everywhere these days.  At over 90% of American gas stations, you can find a sticker that says “May Contain Up to 10% Ethanol”.

Ethanol Facts: How Flex Fuel Causes Engine Problems
So why should you be concerned about ethanol in the gas you use in your lawn mower, snow blower or other outdoor power equipment?  Ethanol actually attracts moisture.  When using flex fuel, this moisture can cause corrosion of metal parts in a gas engine.  Our Briggs & Stratton Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment includes triple antioxidants and a corrosion inhibitor to block ethanol from adhering to metal components, thereby preventing engine damage to the overall fuel system.

In addition to the triple antioxidants and corrosion-inhibitor, our fuel additives formula contains a metal deactivator to stop nasty chemical reactions caused by dissolved metal ions that can be found in gasoline.  And, with a detergent ingredient, the Briggs & Stratton Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment and Stabilizer can help prevent engine problems caused by gum and varnish build up.

More Fuel Tips for Gas Engines
Finally, it’s important that outdoor power equipment owners understand fuel—even ethanol-free gas—can begin to degrade after only 30 days of pumping.  So, use only fresh fuel to ensure you are maintaining good engine health and stopping engine problems before they start.

The gas engine experts at Briggs & Stratton are focused on developing, and maintaining engines that last a long time.  By skipping ethanol fuel and using our advanced formula fuel treatment and stabilizer, you can be assured you are doing the right thing, for your outdoor power equipment and your engine.

Advanced Formula Fuel Additive: Briggs & Stratton

Oh, and make sure you never use E85 fuel or E15 gas in your outdoor power equipment’s small engine.  Gas engines for outdoor power equipment simply aren’t built to run with gasoline that contains more than 10% ethanol in it.

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