Fall Lawn To-do List for Colder Climates

For many of us in colder regions of the country, the approach of fall means we’re about to enter six months of relatively limited lawn care. But, many people don’t realize that fall lawn care is equally as important as the tasks of the warmer seasons.

Before you swap your lawn mower for a snow blower, it’s important to take action now and accomplish a few key projects to prep your yard for the cold and set up it up for its best spring yet.

Here’s your plan:

  1. Continue Mowing

Your lawn will continue to grow through the fall, so keep mowing as needed. Gradually lower your mower deck leading up to your last cut of the season because shorter grass survives best under the weight of snow and ice. By adjusting the height of the cut over time, your grass won’t be stressed for the final cut.

  1. Tidy Up the Yard

Trapped debris like leaves and branches contributes to snow mold because it prevents water from evaporating in the spring, which causes damp spots. Use a rake, leaf blower or a lawn mower that mulches to clean up fallen leaves to prevent piles from forming. To figure out which option is ideal for your lawn, check out this guide.

  1. Aerate, Fertilize and Reseed

After a long summer of activity, your lawn and soil may be in need of some extra nutrients. Yard games, kids and running dogs may have compacted your yard’s soil and created a few bald spots. Aerating will break up soil and allow nutrients and water to reach your grass’s roots more easily, which is essential set up for a successful spring lawn.

After aerating, reseed and fertilize. A fresh application of fertilizer will feed your existing grass and provide a foundation for your newly laid seed. Not sure how to fertilize? Check out our step by step guide.

  1. Store your equipment and organize the garage

Before you put your tools away for the winter, give them a bit of TLC so they’re ready for spring. Wipe them down to remove debris and dirt, and store them properly. While you’ve got your tools out, tune up your snow blower before the snowfall hits.

Ensuring your equipment is maintained and well organized before you close up the shed for the season will save you spring headaches. Running short on storage space? Briggs & Stratton’s space saving, foldable Mow N’ Stow® lawn mower may be your solution.

By taking on just one project each weekend, you’re dedication will pay off and set your lawn up for springtime success. For more fall how-tos, check out a few other yard and home preparation tips here.


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