Father’s Day Gifts for the DIY Dad

As Father’s Day approaches, many of us are faced with the time-honored “What do we get the guy who has everything?” question. Never fear! We’ve pulled together a list of gift ideas for DIY fathers across the nation to help answer that question. The perfect gift to show your appreciation is one that makes life a little easier and a lot more enjoyable. Here are a few suggestions that will help you show a little love:

1.) Sun protection gear

Make his yard work less painful by limiting sunburns and helping him stay protected for years to come. A cap and high quality sunscreen are the best forms of protection for the face and back of the neck. Add a shirt or some pants that sport UPF protection – often overlooked but sure to be appreciated.

2.) Clean up gear

No one likes that overpowering smell gas leaves around for hours. If you’ve got a dad in your life that loves outdoor power equipment, boating, motorcycles or any other gas-powered machine, you’re probably familiar with the stinky smell of gasoline. Check out Gas Off™ by Briggs & Stratton a line of wipes and sprays that remove the gas and diesel spills from skin and other surfaces safely, quickly and easily.

3.) A quieter lawnmower

Early-morning yard work can lead to disgruntled neighbors or family members. Help dad (and yourself) out this year with a quieter engine to make his yard work more pleasant. The Briggs & Stratton Quiet Power Technology® lawn mower engine is perfect for keeping the peace – and it just won an innovation award

4.) Music

Whether your father/spouse does chores inside or out, make the time a bit more enjoyable with his favorite tunes. There are plenty of affordable speaker options, ranging from durable outdoor speakers for enjoying the outdoors to high quality indoor speakers for doing the dishes. With Bluetooth speakers, dad can change his tunes without taking a break from the task at hand.

5.) *Portable Generator

Does dad love camping or outdoor entertaining? Make his day with one of Briggs & Stratton’s portable generators. The special dad in your life can take any outdoor activity to the next level with a portable generator. They are perfect for summer activities, especially camping. He can even use it for tailgating when fall rolls around.

Father's Day

*Portable Generators Manufacturers Association (PGMA) urges users to Take It Outside™ and that all portable generators should be used safely and in accordance with the owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer. See http://www.pgmaonline.com/default.asp for more details.

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