Finish the Job with Trimming and Edging

Mowing is the obvious part of lawn care because it takes care of the largest area, so it’s easy to forget the finer details. Edging and trimming are small tasks that make a big difference when it comes to crafting an A+ yard. This summer, go the extra mile and make your yard look its best.

String trimmers are handy because they easily reach where mowers can’t: tight corners, right up against trees or fences, long grass and steep inclines. Trimmers are lightweight and easy to use, so they’re a great addition to your tool collection.

Here are some trimmer pro tips from Popular Mechanics:

  • Tree base: hold trimmer parallel to the ground to cut grass near tree trunks and avoid slicing tree roots to prevent tree damage.
  • Tall grasses: move trimmer in and out of grass in a “U” motion to cut long grass.
  • Walls, fences or flowerbed borders: hold trimmer perpendicular to the grass and move left to right to edge up against obstructions where your mower can’t reach.
  • Driveways, sidewalks: hold trimmer at an angle to cut the plant base and create a clean cut between grass and cement.

Edging tools work a little differently than trimmers because they cut with a blade instead of string. Edgers produce a sharp and clean look, and are powerful, which helps you achieve tidy borders.

Check out these techniques from wikihow:

  • Edge first to define your lines and maintain regularly with a string trimmer.
  • For straight lines, hold your arms steady and walk slowly with the tool.
  • Walk on a sidewalk or pathway and use it as a cutting guide.
  • Take your time and identify lawn obstructions ahead of time, such as sprinklers.

Before trimming or edging, read your operator’s manual, and always wear pants, closed-toe shoes, gloves, and ear and eye protection when working with outdoor power equipment.

If you’re buying your first trimmer and can’t decide between gas and electric, our string trimmer 101 will help. For electric, we’re partial to the Snapper® XD 82V Max powered by our Briggs & Stratton® Lithium-Ion battery. Whichever you decide, a string trimmer will help you get the manicured yard of your dreams.

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