Four Reasons to Consider Installing a Standby Generator When Building a New House

Why Install a Standby Generator:

Standby generators can provide home owners and business owners with peace of mind and confidence when the power goes out.

Without back up power, outages can be costly. Here are the national average costs for power outages incurred by homeowners:

  • Hotel stay per night: $150
  • Food loss: $200+
  • Basement flooding: $24,690
    • Cleaning: $1,900
    • Finished floor replacement: $15,870
    • Wall insulation, drywall or paneling replacement: $2,910
    • Repairs to furnace/AC: $210
    • Mold removal: $3,800

Total possible cost of a power outage: $25,040

Why Install A Generator During New Home Construction:

Installing a standby generator is a smart way to protect your home or business to save money in the long run. While including a standby generator along with your plans may not be at the top of your list when building a new home or small business, it’s actually the perfect time.

  • Installation is easier in a new build project than in an existing infrastructure
  • Installation costs are lower as the builder and electricians can plan for it
  • The cost of the generator could can be included into the new mortgage
  • Incentives or discounts may be offered by the builder, standby generator manufacturer, or even your insurance provider

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