Four Ways to Make Your Outdoor Post-Party Cleanup Easy

Summer practically goes hand-in-hand with outdoor celebrations. Taking the party outside is a fantastic way to enjoy each others’ company along with the warm weather. It’s also a great way to minimize in-home traffic and cut down on the inevitable mess party-goers produce. But, inside or out, there’s always some clean-up involved after the crowds leave. Read on to find out how to simplify your post-party cleaning session.

1. Go biodegradable.

Dinnerware, drinkware and flatware is a pain to clean after a gathering and disposable dishes can be wasteful. A happy medium is compostable or biodegradable alternatives. Once the party’s over, simply gather them into a bag and bring them to a local commercial compost facility. Having trouble finding one? Call your local greenhouse for recommendations.

2. Spray off.

Your decks and patios take the brunt of fallen food and drinks. Slough off sticky messes with a pressure washer. A light-duty pressure washer is your best bet. Briggs & Stratton has several great options that will make clean-up a cinch.

3. Simplify your snacks.

Forego the complicated, multi-dish foods that require a lot of prep work and serving utensils. Instead, stick to easy-to-prepare, bite-sized snacks. Try miniature sliders, cheese platters or fruit and vegetable kabobs. Check out this expansive list from BuzzFeed for more bite-sized party food ideas!

4. Pack up.

Make sure you have enough reusable containers to store your leftover snacks. Create meals and pack lunches to ensure leftovers don’t go to waste. Or, buy containers you’re willing to part with to send extra “doggy bags” home with guests. You’re sure to be everyone’s favorite host and you won’t have to worry about leftovers taking over your refrigerator!

Outdoor parties are summer’s way of thanking you for putting up with the cold for the rest of the year. So go ahead. Get outside and live a little. And with these quick tips you won’t have to worry about the clean up afterwards!

Party Clean Up

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