Give Dad a Helping Hand this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the perfect time to show your appreciation for all the work he does! From maintaining the house to making time to play in the yard, they take care of us in big and small ways. As you’re looking for Father’s Day gifts this year, also consider something more personal this year: offer to help him out with the yard.

Extra Help in the Yard

Helping dad in the yard can be something the whole family can do. There are yard task for every age child. The key is to be sure that kids are tackling age-appropriate chores.

Keep the small tasks like picking up sticks and clearing toys from the lawn for the small kids. Let those tweens tackle weeding and watering plants. Save the large tasks, like trimming bushes, cleaning the patio furniture or mowing the lawn for teenagers.

Whether you surprise Dad with the help or wrap it up as a coupon book from the kids, Dad is sure to love a little help with the yard.

Enjoying the yard together

While many dads might enjoy yard work for the sake of yard work, many others tackle the lawn chores because they want a great space to spend time outdoors. So, on Father’s Day show him how much you appreciate this by enjoying the result of his labor.

Picnic outside, play lawn games, throw a baseball or football or just enjoy time together exploring. The yard should be there to be enjoyed, not just maintained.

So, whether you’re helping your dad maintain the yard or planning to be outside, be sure to enjoy the day together.

Happy Father’s Day!

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