Go Barefoot: 4 Tips for Growing a Healthy Lawn this Summer

Kick off your shoes this summer and enjoy lush green grass through your toes all season long. Think a perfect lawn is reserved only for professional ballfields and those with expensive lawn services? Think again. You can do it. There are actually just a few simple steps to make sure your yard is the best on the block.

Here are 4 quick tips to help you roll up your sleeves and get started:

  1. Equipment Maintenance

    To keep your yard looking great, reliable outdoor power equipment is a must. Keep your push mower, riding mower, trimmer, leaf blower and pressure washer in tip-top shape with routine check-ups and tune-ups. Always reference your operator’s manual before conducting a tune up if you’re tackling it yourself.

  2. Watering Schedule

    In the warm, often dry summer months, watering is essential. A healthy lawn needs about an inch of water per week – best delivered in one good soak. Installing a rain gauge to monitor how much rain your lawn receives can be a quick and easy way to know how much additional watering you may need to do. You can also test your lawn by stepping on it – if it springs back, it’s good; if it doesn’t, it needs watering.It’s most efficient to water when the sun and temperatures are at their lowest – often in the evenings or early mornings because water evaporates quickly during the heat of the day.

    Read more here for detailed watering tips and techniques.

  3. Mowing Properly

    Frequent mowing at your mower’s highest deck setting will keep your lawn looking great, but long enough to stay healthy. During the summer months, it’s likely you will mow every week. Bayer Advanced has a great chart to help you decide which grass height is best for your grass type.

  4. Enjoy Daily

    With all the time and energy you put into your awesome yard, there comes a time to sit back and appreciate your hard work. A healthy lawn is a great place to host family and neighborhood BBQ’s, complete with fun and games. In addition to classics like croquet, bocce ball and horseshoes, here is Buzzfeed’s list of 27 Insanely Fun Outdoor Games. So shed those shoes, wiggle your toes and enjoy a job well done.

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