YOU.POWERED.™ Contest Winners Announced

YOU. POWERED. is all about celebrating those who conquer challenges big and small. It’s about celebrating achievements that impact and inspire others. When we launched our YOU.POWERED. initiative in April to celebrate and bring to light these stories, we were excited to see what was out there.

First, Rodney Smith Jr. and his organization, Raising Men Lawn Care Service, blew us away with their commitment to helping neighbors in need. Then we launched a contest to see what other kind of stories were out there, and what we heard left us speechless.

Throughout the contest, to say we were overwhelmed by how folks were making a difference in their communities and in their own yards would be an understatement. We were inspired by everyday people helping make their neighborhoods and communities better places to live.

Narrowing down the contest submissions to five winners was tough. There were so many great stories that truly empowered the YOU. POWERED. mentality, but at the end of the day these were the five stories that really stood out to us:

  • Project EverGreen

    (Twitter: @ProjectEvrGreen): Volunteers with Project EverGreen help preserve and enhance green spaces. In their submission, they’re renovating and maintaining North Carolina parks so neighborhood kids have safe places to play and enjoy the outdoors.

  • Tom

    (Facebook: Detroit Mower Gang): Abandoned parks and playgrounds around Detroit are no match for Tom and the Detroit Mower Gang. Together, their volunteer work has cleaned up more than 20 playgrounds.

  • Novick Family Urban Farm

    (Instagram: @novickurbanfarm): Inner-city Philadelphia may seem like an odd spot for a farm, but Novick Family Urban Farm calls Philly home and grows healthy, local produce for refugees and low-income residents.

  • Rachel

    Out of necessity, Rachel started mowing the lawn when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Recognizing how much this simple but powerful act could help others, she took to mowing the lawns of other cancer patients, too.

  • Tim

    Tim is what we call a “Good Snowmaritan.” He’s the guy out snow-blowing his neighbor’s driveway and doesn’t expect a thing in return. In fact, if Tim had his way, he’d be done with the driveway before his neighbor even knew it was him doing the snow blowing.

Just because the contest is over doesn’t mean we want to stop hearing your stories! We’re going to continue to feature stories that demonstrate our YOU.POWERED. philosophy throughout the year.

We’d love to feature your YOU.POWERED. story. Share it with us on Facebook Twitter or Instagram or tell us about it in the comment section below. If you need more inspiration check out our latest video about Robin in Peoria.


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