Innovative POWERflow+ Pressure Washer Does It All

As a long-time user of pressure washers, I’ve always enjoyed the convenience they offer each year when it comes time to clean areas around the outside of my house. A pressure washer always over-delivers on my expectations and restores my driveway, sidewalk, and deck to like-new condition.

The latest innovation from Briggs & Stratton is setting a new standard and taking pressure washers to a level that is unmatched in the industry. How? With a patent-pending technology that allow homeowners to reach places that conventional power washers can’t and clean delicate items they may have been afraid to use a pressure washer on such as patio furniture, kids play sets, or a vehicle.

Briggs & Stratton pressure washers with POWERflow+ Technology are the only pressure washers available with high pressure AND high flow modes. What’s the difference? Pressure washers with POWERflow+ do what all other pressure washers do in high pressure mode, lifting dirt and grime from hard surfaces. The “+” is in the high flow mode which provides twice as much water at a lower pressure to easily rinse that dirt away or reach a second story window. Find POWERflow+ pressure washers at Lowes, available now online and in stores.

When to Use High Pressure or Flow Power Washer Settings

The High Pressure mode is ideal for cleaning decks, siding and driveways. It’s great for surface cleaning and power washing fences because it helps get rid of touch stains and things like built-up grime, mold, and pollen.

The High Flow mode does something no other pressure washer available can do – it delivers up to five gallons of water per minute at a power pressure to reach places up to 30 feet away. Think how easy it will be to get that second-story window, eves, gutters, or eliminate a wasp nest. Delivering more water at a lower pressure in high flow mode also means faster soaping and rinsing and makes for much easier cleaning of delicate surfaces where you might not use a traditional pressure washer.

One of the coolest things about POWERflow+ is that is all controlled by the exclusive 7-in-1 nozzle. With just a twist of the nozzle, you can change from high pressure to high flow, you can change the type of water stream, or you can go from soaping to rinsing. It eliminates the need for multiple tipes, saves time in going back and forth to the pressure washer to change tips, and you don’t have to worry about losing tips, like I’ve done in the past!

We’ve Thought of All the Details

There really is something special about POWERflow+ pressure washers in that each component was specifically engineered and customized to take full advantage of the high pressure and high flow modes.

  •  A patent-pending pump and valve design that allows for the high pressure and high flow modes
  • A flexible, 30-ft hose allows for more water in high-flow mode
  • The custom-engineered gun is equipped with a soft-grip handle for more comfort during extended use
  • The 7-in-1 nozzle eliminates the need for multiple tips
  • The detergent tank works with the nozzle to deliver more soaping power on demand

Choosing Between 3 Pressure Washer Models 

POWERflow+ is currently available on three models that appeal to all consumers:

Briggs & Stratton Power Flow Pressure Washer

Need help finding the right model for you? Learn more product details and where to buy POWERflow+ pressure washers

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*Models tested according to Pressure Washer Manufacturer’s Association (PWMA) testing procedure PWMA 101 and achieved a maximum PSI rating utilizing a 0 degree nozzle tip and maximum flow (or GPM) rating using a 40 degree nozzle tip.


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