Is it Too Late to Aerate My Lawn in the Summer?

Now that it’s summer, you should be mowing and watering regularly. But, maybe you’re still just not getting that perfect lawn. If so, we might have the answer. First, test to see if your soil is compacted, clamping down on roots and restricting lawn growth. If so, aeration is a simple solution that can lead to a beautiful, healthy lawn. Since spring and fall are ideal months for aeration, you may be wondering if it’s too late to aerate during the summer.

The simple answer? It depends on your grass species. If you’re wondering what type of grass you have, Scotts has a quick and easy grass identifier tool. As you’ll find, warm-season grasses tend to grow in the southern regions of the country, while cool-season grasses are found in the northeast and Midwest.

For warm-season grasses like Bahia and St. Augustine, you’re in luck! The best time to aerate your lawn is during the growing season because the grass is able to repair itself, and for warm-season grasses, the growing season is spring and early summer. But, keep in mind to hold off until late summer and early fall to aerate cool-season grasses.

Does My Lawn Need Aerating?

Aeration perforates the soil with small holes and alleviates compaction so water, air and nutrients can penetrate the grass roots. If you’re considering whether you should aerate your lawn, it’s probably a good idea if it:

• Gets heavy use or traffic
• Was established along with a newly constructed home
• Dries easily or has a spongy feel
• Was established by sod and soil layering exists

For more hints, try Bayer’s checklist of indicators that your lawn needs to be aerated.

If you’re new to aerating, don’t be overwhelmed. Most of us aerate once a year or once every other year, and if you choose to use an aerating tool or machine, you can rent one from your local lawn and garden or home improvement store.

Check out our guidelines for how to aerate your yard and recommendations for what kinds of tools you can use. Now that you’re armed with the right info you can tackle lawn aerating with confidence!

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