Lawn Mower Storage Tips: Briggs & Stratton Experts Featured in Popular Mechanics

In the November issue of Popular Mechanics Roy Berendsohn and David Agrell did a great piece about how to properly store your gas-powered lawn mowers for the fall and winter, especially given the effects that ethanol-containing gas can have on small engines.

To whet you’re appetite, here’s a preview of the lawn mower storage tips story. In the article, Briggs & Stratton’s Steve Lavender, senior director of engineering, says that a fuel stabilizer is critical if you are going to leave gas in your lawn mower’s engine during the winter months. Without it, you are risking damage to the equipment and potentially shortening its lifespan. If you forgot this crucial step, it’s not too late to add fuel stabilizer to your mower. If you have any questions, you can always contact our Answer Center.

Prevent Engine Damage with Fuel Stabilizer

3 Steps to Proper Small Engine & Lawn Mower Storage

Some other tips to consider when preparing to store your lawn mower and other outdoor power equipment for the winter:

• Remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry place.
• Clean your mower, including the underside.
• Store the equipment itself in a cool, dry place.

Looking for more details on these tips? Find tips to winterize your lawn mower now!
And be sure to check your owners’ manual for any additional tips specific to your individual piece of power equipment.

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