Lawn Mower Tune-up Kits Makes Spring Engine Maintenance Easy

Have 30 minutes to spare this spring? Put it to good use by performing an annual lawn mower small engine tune up before the first use of the season. Briggs & Stratton makes it easy with an all-in-one tune-up kit that can add years to the life of your mower. It could be the difference between mowing the lawn and spending hours at a busy lawn mower repair shop for something you can do at home.

Lawn Mower Engine Tune Up in 4 Steps:

1. Changing the mower oil
2. Replacing the air filter
3. Replacing the spark plug
4. Adding fuel preservative and treatment to the gasoline

Check out this lawn mower tune-up how-to video that highlights the steps outlined above.

Hassle-Free Briggs & Stratton® Tune-Up Kits

I don’t like to start any project until I have all the materials and tools I need. Since tuning up a lawn mower engine involves several parts, finding and purchasing these items can be time consuming. A tune-up kit saves time and costs under $12.99. A push-mower tune up kit includes an air filter, spark plug, bottle of oil and a pouch of fuel stabilizer and treatment. A tractor tune-up kit includes the same as a push mower kit with the addition of a fuel and/or oil filter for about $39.99.

You can buy tune-up kits online from Briggs & Stratton or at authorized Briggs & Stratton dealers and home improvement stores. The kits are sold by model numbers of engine so check out your lawn mower model number before your purchase.

By following the tune-up steps and using the materials from your kit, you can expect your lawn mower engine to start right up this spring.

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