Lithium-Ion Batteries in Outdoor Power Equipment

When most people think about lithium-ion batteries they think of consumer electronics. But, this technology is expanding and is increasingly being used in outdoor power equipment.
InStart Battery
The reliability and power of the lithium-ion battery is why Briggs & Stratton chose to use it to power the starter on the InStart® engine. Want to see how the InStart battery works and how easy it is to start? Check out the video.

These batteries last up to three times longer than lead acid, have better temperature tolerance and weigh a lot less. The battery in our InStart system pops off and can be placed on a portable charger. The battery will last for up to 75 starts when fully charged for an hour and if you forgot to charge it, a ten minute rapid recharge will provide up to 20 starts.

Beyond lawn mower starting, Briggs & Stratton is expanding lithium-ion battery power to even more outdoor power equipment applications. This spring, Snapper® is introducing a line of cordless tools powered by Briggs & Stratton lithium-ion battery technology. The line of products is designed so the battery can fit and be shared by multiple products in the Snapper 60 Volt lawn tools line. The products include:

  • A 60-Volt Brushless String Trimmer that is 30 percent lighter than traditional trimmers.
  • A 60-Volt Brushless Leaf Blower that can power through surfaces at 125 mph.
  • A 60-Volt Brushless Chainsaw with a 16-inch bar and chain.
  • A 60-Volt Brushless Hedge Trimmer that features 50 percent less noise and vibration that a traditional hedge trimmer.
  • A 60-Volt Brushless Mower that can cut up to half an acre on a single charge

Lithium Ion Trimmer
The family of cordless Snapper products powered by Briggs & Stratton is available online at and at select Walmart stores.

Like all batteries, a lithium-ion must be disposed of properly, do not throw away these batteries with your regular garbage. The easiest way is to call a local retailer—many have recycling programs and will be happy to take care of disposal for you.

What other tools would you like to see powered by lithium-ion battery technology?

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