Locating a Lost Snowblower Engine Manual

Whether you purchased a new snow blower a few years ago or bought a used one with a Briggs & Stratton® engine, you may have misplaces a copy of the owner’s manual. 

Now, some folks may think the manual isn’t important, especially with easy-start engines and user-friendly equipment. However, snowblower manuals are full of important, specialized information on safety, part replacement and proper use of your machine. The snowblower engine operator’s manual also contains critical warranty information you must abide by in order for unexpected repairs or maintenance to be covered.

So let’s say you misplaced or accidently threw away your operator’s manual. What next?

Briggs & Stratton has a complete onlilne database of user manuals that is easy to access.

The first page will prompt you to select your product type – snow blower. Then, simply enter your model, type and trim numbers. Don’t know where to find your snow engine model number? Check out this video on finding your engine model number. This will bring you to the user manual for your specific equipment, which you can download, print or email in English, Spanish or French.

Make sure you bookmark the snowblower engine manual page, in case you need to access operator’s manuals for your spring and summer outdoor power equipment like lawn mowers and power washers. If you bought a new Briggs & Stratton-powered snow blower, visit our snow engine warranty page for additional policy information.

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