Look Before You Pump: Save Your Small Engine from Fuel Damage

Prevent Small Engine Damage Caused by Ethanol GasWhen filling your gas can to refuel outdoor power equipment, are you paying attention to the ethanol level in the gas you are pumping? Do you know that some ethanol-containing fuel can damage your small engine and may be illegal to use in small engines like outdoor power equipment?

OPEI on the Dangers of Ethanol Gas to Small Engines

Don’t worry, you are not alone. According to a Harris Interactive study conducted for the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI), nearly three-guards of American adults are “not at all sure” if it is illegal to put high-level ethanol gas (anything more than 10 percent) in their small engines such as those in boats, mowers, chain saws, snow mobiles, generators and more.

That’s why the OPEI recently announced a new ethanol education and awareness campaign, “Look Before You Pump” to help educate consumers about the ill-effects of high-level ethanol containing gas. The visual to be displayed at pumps is a visible and simple reminder to consumer to make sure that they aren’t using anything more than a 10 percent ethanol fuel in their small engines. The goal is to remind consumers that the gas they put in their car may not be right for their small engines.

3 Tips to Avoid Engine Damage from Fuel
To avoid engine damage that ethanol gas can cause to your small engines consider the following:

  • Never use any fuel higher than 10 percent ethanol in your small engines
  • Even with a 10 percent ethanol gas, use a fuel stabilizer to counteract any damage it can cause, especially if your equipment will be sitting idle for long periods of time
  • Consider canned-fuel products to guarantee that your outdoor power equipment will remain fee of damage caused by ethanol containing gas

Check out the official line of Briggs and Stratton fuel stabilizer and canned-fuel products to keep the small engine in your power equipment running efficiently (and legally)!

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