When Should You Mow Your Lawn for the First Time?

Now that the snow blower is tucked away for the winter (you followed our snow blower storage advice, right?) it’s time to think about when that grass needs its first cut.

You’re ready. You’ve tuned up the mower (link to a tune up post). The blade is sharp. The gas is fresh. So when is the best time to tackle the first mow of the season?

The short answer is to wait until the grass is about three inches tall and set your mower to cut off a third of it – so it’s about two inches.

But, before you give that lawn mower rope a pull, there are a few other things to think about. This is the time of year that can make or break your lawn for the season, so a little extra work now is going to pay dividends for the rest of spring and summer. In addition to that first mow, it’s also time to fertilize, tackle weeds, dethatch the lawn if needed, aerate if you haven’t in a while and seed where you need it.

If you need a little bit more guidance, check out this article from our friends at BOBVILA.com that outlines the 7 things to do in Spring for a healthy, gorgeous lawn year-round. Sounds like a lot? You’ve got this handled. Go ahead and get started and reap the benefits later.

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