National Clean Out Your Garage Day: 7 Tips to Prep and Organize Your Garage for Winter

As the weather cools, it might be time to put away the pool toys and patio furniture, which usually means shoving the seasonal items in the remaining nooks and crannies of your garage. Instead, this year use the changing of the seasons as an opportunity to clean and organize your storage space.

Garages in particular tend to become dumps for just about everything. Luckily, National Clean Out Your Garage Day, the Saturday after Labor Day, is a perfect excuse to roll up your sleeves and dive head first into the clutter so that when winter rolls around you can easily access that snow blower and sidewalk salt.

Follow these 7 tips to organize your garage:

  1. Recruit your family and remove everything from the garage. It’s more fun and efficient when the entire team is involved. It’s also handy when identifying who owns what areas and items.
  2. Pull everything out. This can sound overwhelming, but its best to start with a clean slate for optimum organization.
  3. Clean the space once the all the clutter is clear. Rinse the floor with a light or medium duty pressure washer to remove any spills, dirt or leftover salt from last winter. If you have a surface cleaner this will help speed up the process by covering more ground, more quickly.
  4. Decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw away. Create piles so you can easily sort. Places like Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity Restore accept many gently used items. Before you go, check out the guidelines and locations to see what items they can accept.
  5. Make a plan. Layout where you’re going to store everything ahead of time. Make sure to note dimensions, windows, outlets, light switches, and doors. This will help you make sure you have room for everything and strategically put more frequently used items in easily-accessible locations.
  6. Now it’s time organize! Install shelves, pegboards, hooks and gardening tool racks to elevate items from the floor and clean up the clutter. Make sure hazardous materials like cleaning chemicals and paint containers are all sealed and out of reach of children.
  7. Lastly, test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, locks, windows, and lights to make sure all are in working order.

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By cleaning and organizing the garage before the cold weather hits, not only will it create more space, but your hard work will pay off when you know exactly where to look for your winter project materials. For even more ideas, check out these 38 “genius” ways to organize your garage.

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