New York Times Lawn Mower Tune-up Tips Share Briggs & Stratton Expertise

Did you see Thursday’s New York Times? Bob Tedeschi, who writes The Pragmatist column in the home section, recounts his experience trying to tune up his lawn mower engine for spring in Homeowners, Start Your Engines article.

The article chronicles the frustration homeowners experience when their lawn mower just won’t start. Tedeschi shares expert advice to help people avoid this scenario by properly tuning up their mower engine.

NYT Small Engine Maintenance Advice from Briggs & Stratton

Unfortunately, Bob didn’t have a lawn mower tune-up kit or oil evacuation kit. Those two pieces could have helped him avoid the messiness of getting old oil out of the engine and it would have helped him with a spark plug problem he had.

New York Times Lawn Mower Tune-Up Tips OR Fuel Stabilizer for Lawn Mower Tune Up

Fortunately, he sought some advice from the engine experts at Briggs & Stratton when he used the wrong spark plug and ended up stripping the engine’s threading. Doug Dougherty, vice president for North America service at Briggs & Stratton, said the spark plug could conceivably explode out of the engine and injure someone. He advised him on what to do to keep that from happening.

As part of his column, Bob discussed the importance of fuel stabilizer including Briggs & Stratton’s Advanced Formula 5-in-1 Fuel Treatment and Stabilizer for treating gasoline containing ethanol.

Have you tuned up your mower for spring yet? You don’t have to be the New York Times to get help from Briggs experts! Find lawn mower resources, including how-to videos, articles, and FAQs throughout the website.

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