Pollen Removal: 8 Tips for Cleaning Your Outdoor Space

Pollen seems to gather and collect everywhere this time of year because it travels by wind and is created by trees, grasses and weeds. But this year, you are ready to take it on.

You can overcome the seemingly endless coating of pollen throughout the spring and summer with a thorough cleaning routine. Create a plan that works for you and your outdoor spaces and get started.

Here’s a helpful list of tasks to make sure you keep the pollen at bay:

How to Clean Your Outdoor Space

  1. Vacuum rugs or lawn furniture cushions with a Shop-Vac
  2. Machine or hand-wash pillow and furniture covers
  3. Dust light fixtures, fans and any immobile surfaces
  4. Remove electronics, extension cords and wires and place them safely away from water
  5. Clear out and remove everything from the screened porch, deck or patio
  6. Wash all hard surfaces (tables, chairs, sofas) with a mild detergent, rinse and let dry outside
  7. Rinse and wash all screens and surfaces inside the porch
  8. After the porch is dry, return the clean furniture and decor

To make your job easier and save time use a pressure washer to efficiently remove pollen and reclaim your outdoor spaces.

The high pressure and powerful flow will help you tackle this project so you can conquer pollen and dirt without breaking your back.

Keep track of pollen levels in your area with Pollen.com and The Weather Channel maps, monitors and alerts.

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