How to Prepare for a Power Outage

Power Outage & Emergency Preparedness Tips

Power outages happen more often than one might think. In fact, according to the Edison Electric Institute, an average of 3.5 million Americans experience a power outage each week. That number is even higher when there’s a major storm.

Here in Wisconsin we may not have the same types of power outages the east coast experiences after the major storms of the past several years, but each winter, without fail there are one or two snowstorms that knock out power for a day or two.

No matter how long or short a blackout lasts, being prepared will eliminate last-minute stress and chaos. And having a emergency preparedness plan in place will save you a lot of money and headaches down the road.

Emergency Preparedness: Power Outage Plans & Backup Power

September is National Preparedness Month so it’s a perfect time to get a plan in place. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention provides a number of emergency preparedness tips  should the power go out unexpectedly as well as ideas on what to think about when creating an emergency plan. Here’s a useful checklist from the American Red Cross. It’s also a good idea to check your state’s website for tips too, as each state deals with its own unique weather patterns.

Part of your emergency preparedness plan should include backup power so your family can maintain the essential necessities to get through a power outage comfortably. Not all needs and budgets are the same so Briggs & Stratton offers  both Portable Generators and Standby Generators with different options to choose from. If you’re new to understanding generators, check out this Home Generator 101 video that explains basic terminology and the differences between the two. You’ll be glad you did and your readiness preparation and planning will be that much easier.

Generator Safety

Always read and follow the manufacturer’s operating manual and instructions before running a generator and pay close attention to safety considerations. Visit our website for other useful safety and usage tips and video.

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