Prepping Your Home for Selling

Spring and summer are prime seasons for the housing market, and boosting your curb appeal with a little TLC will make your home more appealing to buyers. Plus, with powerful and reliable tools, you’ll have your home inspiring the neighbors to spruce up their yards in no time.

Here are some easy places to start to update your exterior from Better Homes & Gardens and my own personal experience:

  1. Install new light fixtures to brighten up your exterior. Over time, fixtures become outdated and worn, so this is a simple change that can make a big difference.
  2. Clean windows, siding and porches. During the winter these surfaces accumulate dirt and mildew from moisture, but a quick clean will do the trick.
  3. Touch up trim and doors with fresh paint. Who doesn’t appreciate a new paint job?
  4. Add annuals or potted flowers to the front walk. The variety of colors, textures and heights of the plants makes your home look welcoming and cheerful.
  5. Trim hedges, bushes and trees to contain vegetation and give the yard a polished look
  6. Edge the driveway and all walkways to keep these safe and tidy.
  7. Replace hardware such as door knobs, locks and house numbers for an instant update.
  8. Mow your lawn and understand what to do each season to keep it healthy.

Throughout this home improvement process, your pressure washer, trimmer and mower will become your best friends. Your outdoor power equipment will help you make short work of the tough jobs so you can focus on packing!

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