Pressure Washer Parts Focus: Spray Nozzles

Pressure Washer Parts: Spray Nozzles

Though pressure washer nozzles may seem less important than the pressure washer pump or wand, they are actually the piece that puts the “pressure” in pressure washing. Color-coded by the type of spray they produce, different spray nozzle are made for different tasks, so it’s important to know a little more about them so you can use the right one for the job!

Picking The Best Spray Nozzle for Specific Cleaning Jobs

The first thing to remember when using any pressure washer is to start a good distance away from the item you want to clean. You can slowly get closer to the surface for additional pressure, being careful not to damage any delicate surfaces.

Pressure Washer Parts: Spray Nozzles

Red: Pressure Washer nozzles that produce a zero degree spray are red, and they designed for maximum impact rather than coverage. They deliver the most direct spray, as they concentrate the most power into the smallest area. The zero degree spray should not be used on fragile materials like wood or tile, as it may damage the surface. Instead, a zero degree water spray nozzle is great for removing stains, clearing grass and mud from cracks in the driveway or cleaning the underside of your lawn mower.

Pressure Washer Parts: Spray Nozzles

Yellow: The next pressure washer nozzle, a yellow 15-degree fan pattern, is often referred to as a chiseling tip. This nozzle is especially helpful for breaking bonds, such as peeling paint or removing mildew.

Green: The green 25-degree fan pattern is great for cleaning broad surfaces such as a patio or siding on a home. It provides pressure while also covering a larger area, which makes it great for power washing away leaves or mud, clearing the driveway or cleaning up grass clippings after mowing the lawn.

Pressure Washer Parts: Spray Nozzles

White: The white 40-degree fan pattern creates the widest spray, and therefore produces the least amount of pressure. Best for pressure washing delicate materials, the 40-degree nozzle is great for cleaning the windows of your vehicle, children’s play sets, or spraying down a wooden deck. It too can be used to “sweep” leaves and light debris away from driveways and sidewalks.

Black: This tip is known as the “soaping tip”. When this tip is used in conjunction with a pressure washer that has soap injection capabilities, soap is drawn into the stream at a very light pressure.

Pressure Washer Soap & Spray Nozzles

Pressure Washer Parts: Spray Nozzles

Consider using genuine pressure washer parts when choosing soap or detergent options. If you are using a pressure washer soap, be sure to use a black nozzle equipped to handle those detergents. After applying the detergent, switch to a red, yellow, green or white nozzle to continue the cleaning and rinsing process.

Pressure Washer Parts: Spray Nozzles

There are also specialty nozzles, like nozzles for the second-story of your home, the Briggs & Stratton Project Pro spray tips, turbo spray nozzles that can help speed up the cleaning process or the 7-in-1 nozzle featured on the POWERflow+ pressure washer.

Remember, it’s important to replace your spray nozzles when necessary. Due to the high amount of pressure each nozzle withstands, the pressure washer attachment may wear down over time. Also remember to take appropriate safety precautions, including glasses and gloves, when necessary. Be aware of your surroundings and spray away from people and animals.

When using the right spray nozzles for the right job, you’ll be able to get your job done faster and have extra time to enjoy your revitalized outdoor living area!

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