Pressure Washer: Power & Precautions

If you’re like me, you’re summer is filled with fun activities ranging from time on the boat to time in your backyard. But with the fun, comes some chores and maintenance. Did you know that you can use pressure washers to clean boats, decks, patios, siding and even your car? Our POWERflow+ Technology™ is versatile enough to tackle all of those tasks and more so you can spend less time on chores and more time doing what you love in the great outdoors.

As with any power equipment, it’s important to know how to operate the machine safely and correctly. Even if you’ve had your pressure washer for a while and have used it around your home last summer, it’s a good idea to refresh on how to use it safely before you get started on this year’s to-do list.

4 Safety Tips for Operating a Pressure Washer:

  1. Dress for the task! Wear indirect-vented goggles for eye protection and throw on a pair of close-toed shoes such as sneakers or boots.
  2. Know your equipment and where it can or cannot be used. Never operate your gas pressure washer indoors or in enclosed structures. When operating a gas pressure washer, make sure to use it outdoors far from occupied spaces because engine exhaust contains carbon monoxide an invisible, odorless, poisonous gas that can kill you. If you experience dizziness, fatigue, headache, nausea or irregular breathing get to fresh air right away and seek medical attention. If the area you need to clean is enclosed – like a floor or a moldy basement wall – an electric pressure washer is the tool for the job as they don’t emit carbon monoxide and can be used indoors or in confined spaces.
  3. Always point in a safe direction. Never operate a pressure washer near small children or pets. Also, be sure to avoid spraying near electrical wires or power lines.
  4. Give the unit time to cool down before storing.

For more tips and instructions on proper use, read your operator’s manual. Now you’re ready to tackle those tasks and get on with enjoying your summer! Plus, be sure to share your before and after pictures with us on our Facebook page.

And, if you’re in the market for a new pressure washer, check out our buying guide to walk through the choices and technology available to help you pick out the best pressure washer for you.

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