Pressure Washer Project: Redo Your Deck in an Afternoon


Pressure washers can be magical tools. They are one of the few things in life that usually over-deliver on what they promise to do. By that I mean we expect a pressure washer to clean, but more often than not, a pressure washer can revitalize a surface to like-new condition.

The high performance of a pressure water cleans even the toughest build-up of dirt and grime on driveways, siding, decks, and more. There are so many spring cleaning tasks you can accomplish with a pressure washer that after I use my pressure washer to clean one thing, I keep going trying to find more things to magically restore to a fresh-as-new condition!. Using a powerful pressure washer is so satisfying that I find it’s one of my favorite pieces of outdoor power equipment.

And when it is time to restore your outdoor living space, a pressure washer can be your best friend. The easiest place to start is with outdoor furniture. Move any cushions or umbrellas off the area to keep them dry. Spray the furniture with a 25 or 40 degree nozzle and always stand a few feet back on that first spray to make sure you don’t damage the item. Make sure to get into any joints or crevices where dirt can hide. After the patio furniture, I’m sure you’ll find more uses such as your grill or a birdbath.

When you’re finished cleaning your furniture and grill, move them off the deck to dry and use the following tips to clean your deck.

7 Easy Steps for Deck Power Washing Your Deck

Need to restore your deck? Deck restoration doesn’t have to be a drag.

If your dirty deck is getting you down, you can restore its former glory in no time. Follow these instructions on how to clean a deck with your pressure washer and you’ll be wowed with the result of one afternoon’s work.

  • For deck railings, apply solution from the bottom to the top.
  • Scrub tough spots with a rotating brush attachment.
  • Allow the solution to site for 5-10 minutes but keep it wet.
  • Use a low power spray pattern to rinse the solution off the deck.
  • Flush any remaining solution from the power washer.
  • Clean one to two boards at a time moving with the grain of the wood on the highest power suggested for your surface.
  • Since you can expect to wash 40-90 square feet of a deck in 10 minutes, it can take less than half an hour to pressure wash a deck.

Pressure Washer Video Guide: How To Clean Your Deck

Check out this detailed explanation covered in this video on how to clean a deck with a pressure washer.

Remember different surfaces can handle different levels of power. Check this pressure washer guide to make sure you’re using the correct pressure. A 1200-1900 PSI is best for patio furniture and most decks or patios can handle 1950-2600 PSI. Another key tip to remember is the rated pressure of each nozzle is measured at the nozzle. The further you stand away from the item you are cleaning, the less pressure that is applied. And remember to always wear goggles as a safety precaution when operating outdoor power products.

Spending an afternoon cleaning your deck with your power washer will give it that like-new shine and will allow you to enjoy it all summer long.

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