ReadyStart® Easy Start Lawn Mower Engines: No Prime. No Choke. No Problem

Quick. What’s the number one feature you look for in a lawn mower? If you said an easy start, then you’re in good company. When we talk to lawn mower owners, ”easy-to-start” is consistently ranked among the top features that they look for.

In 2005 Briggs & Stratton introduced the ReadyStart® engine starting system for walk-behind mowers, allowing owners to start their engines wth no priming. Now riding mowers can enjoy the same easy start with the new Briggs & Stratton ReadyStart riding mower engines, which are being introduced now on select Husqvarna tractors available at Lowes stores and just in time for the 2014 mowing season.

Making Easy Start Lawn Mower Engines for Riding Mowers

The new ReadyStart for Rides small engine technology, the first of its kind for riding mowers for residential use, takes the guesswork out of starting your riding mower. Now it’s as easy as starting a car. Just turn the key or push the button and you’re mowing.

Easy Start Lawn Mower: ReadyStart Engine Starting System for Riding Mowers

Like all of our product innovations, ReadyStart for Rides is based on solving problems for the homeowners who use our products. We heard from homeowners that the the controls on a riding mower are challenging to understand. The multi-step process frustrated riding mower owners and our engineers set out to make an easy start lawn mower engine for riding mowers.

Our engineers could tell you all the nitty gritty about how they made this happen, but for most of us, all we need to know is that ReadyStart for Rides has an automatic choking feature designed to start the engine within two five-second cranks in weather above 32 degrees.

And like most of the small engines made by Briggs & Stratton, the engines that feature ReadyStart for Rides are Made in the USA of US and global parts at our assembly plants in Statesboro, Georgia and in Auburn, Alabama.

Now go ahead, gentlemen (and ladies), start your engines!

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