How to Remove Grime with Your Pressure Washer

Summer brings dirt, grime, pollen and more, but there’s one tool that stops them all: your pressure washer. The combination of power plus water provides the one-two punch you need to effortlessly rinse away buildup.

Adding a pressure washer detergent to your cleaning routine can make for a more effective and quicker cleanup. It’s important to use detergents that are specifically designed for use in a pressure washer, and make sure you are using an appropriate detergent for the surface you plan to clean. Detergent can help remove mold stains from decks, oil and dirt from garage floors and clean cars or boats.

Whenever you operate outdoor power equipment, wear eye protection, close-toe shoes, long pants and hearing protection.

Now are you ready to make your home spotless? Check out these helpful pressure washer tips from Family Handyman:

1. Rinse surface with water to loosen dirt.
2. Apply detergent with a wide nozzle, low pressure setting and let sit for as much time as the detergent instructions recommend. To avoid streaking on vertical surfaces, clean from the bottom to the top.
3. Rinse detergent and grime with water.
4. Repeat process, if necessary.
5. Drain detergent from pressure washer and run a cycle of water through before using another detergent. This cleansing process will prevent old and new detergents from mixing.

One more key tip:

Never run bleach or bleach-based solutions through your pressure washer. These solutions can harm your pressure washer and the environment.

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