Spring Lawn Mower Tune-up Tip: Use an Oil Evacuator Kit

When it’s time to tune-up my lawn mower in the spring I look for simple ways to save time so I can get to the best part: mowing the lawn. If you didn’t perform small engine maintenance on your lawn mower before putting it away for the season, now is the time to revisit your equipment so it’s ready when you need it to cut the grass.

At Briggs & Stratton, we offer a variety of products that help make lawn mower tune-ups almost foolproof – so even if it has been a year or more since you last performed maintenance on your outdoor power equipment, the process is smooth and easy.

Quick & Easy Tip for Changing the Oil in Your Lawn Mower

The first step for a tune up is changing the oil in your lawn mower. Old oil has lost much of its ability to coat and protect engine components which could leave to damage down the road.

Oil Evacuator Kits for Lawn Mowers

Oil Evacuator: Evacuation & Lawn Mower Tune Up KitMost people avoid changing the oil in their lawn mower because they think about having to tip the mower over to drain the old oil. They worry about spills in the driveway and a mess of rags and cardboard to catch spills. This year, skip all that and use a Briggs & Stratton® oil evacuator kit.

Oil removal kits eliminate the need to tip the mower to drain the oil making the process easier and a lot less messy. Oil evacuator kits cost between $23 and $31 and are available for purchase online or at authorized Briggs & Stratton dealers and home improvement stores.

Engine Oil Recycling & Disposal

While the oil evacuator kit makes changing the oil in your lawn mower easy, we’ve also got a solution to properly throw away old lubricant.

Disposing of small engine oil doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our dealers are happy to handle oil recycling and disposal for you in an environmentally responsible way. Simply take that old oil to a participating Briggs & Stratton dealer in a closed container like a coffee can and let your dealer take care of the rest.

If you’re still facing small engine problems, find our top lawn mower troubleshooting tips to prep your outdoor power equipment for spring!


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