Summer Chores for Kids & the Whole Family

Yard Maintenance & Kid ChoresWhen tackling summer chores and maintaining a great looking yard and garage, it’s important to include every member of the family. Not only is performing tasks a sure way to build responsibility, but when chores are shared, everyone can take great pride in their house and yard. Not sure how to delegate the tasks? Use the guidelines below to determine what chores are best suited for which members of the family. Remember to always use ear, eye or hand protection when needed!

“Little Kid Chores” – ages 3 to 7

Even young members of the family can help with simple, routine tasks. In doing so, you’ll feel great to know they’re developing necessary habits to carry with them throughout their lives.

  • pick up rocks and sticks and other debris around yard
  • sweep garage
  • shake out rugs
  • help get outdoor toys and other items out of storage
  • dust easy-to-reach surfaces in garage
  • maintain garage organization by putting toys back where they belong

“Big Kid Chores” – ages 8 to 12

For the older kids that are ready for more responsibility, but are still a bit young to use outdoor power equipment, they can be proud to tackle these types of tasks:

  • rake leaves and grass clippings
  • help pull weeds
  • help paint fence
  • water plants
  • clean clutter out of car, vacuum seats and floors
  • clean outdoor furniture
  • collect ready-to-pick produce from garden

Chores for Teens

The teenage years are the perfect time to start teaching your kids how to complete bigger and more physically demanding tasks around the house and yard. Depending on their physical strength, confidence and skill, they may still require supervision with certain chores. At the very least, teens can offer an extra set of hands and eyes when completing difficult tasks.

If you’re having a hard time relating to your teen during these years, consider planning and completing a long term project together, such as planting and tending to a garden, building a pergola or drawing up a new organizational plan for the garage.

  • mow the lawn
  • lawn mower maintenance: learn how to change sparkplugs, air filters, etc.
  • trim bushes
  • grow their own plants in the garden
  • help install shelving and other storage units in garage

Chores Only Mom & Dad Can Handle
While many household and outdoor tasks can be delegated off to the kids, there are some that should remain strictly the responsibility of adults. These include the more dangerous chores or those that may have long-term consequences if done incorrectly. If you don’t believe yourself to be skilled or able-bodied enough to complete these types of activities, consider contracting a professional.

  • make decisions regarding landscaping and construction changes
  • consult Digger’s Hotline before building deck, planting trees or completing other projects requiring removal or displacement of ground
  • oversee the safety and efficiency of all family members when completing outdoor chores
  • pressure wash home exterior
  • paint exterior surfaces that require ladder to reach
  • tackle roofing problems: leaks, shingle repair and replacement, etc.

How does your family split up outdoor chores? Let us know in the comments below!

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