The First Lawn Mower: Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mower History

Have you ever wondered how the idea for a lawnmower ever came to fruition? I did and here’s what I found out: Edwin Beard Budding is credited for having invented the first lawnmower back in 1830. According to this video, he got his idea while working in a cloth mill and watching a carpet- cutting cylinder make a smooth finish after weaving. In his patent application he said, “Gentlemen will find using my machine an amusing…healthful exercise.” Nearly 40 years later, in 1868, the reel lawn mower came to the United States.

Evolution of the Modern Lawn Mower

First Lawn Mower: History & Facts

This article from Popular Mechanics has a good timeline on the the history of lawnmowers and outlines that in in 1953 Briggs & Stratton created the lightweight aluminum engine for mowers, which by 1957 accounted for 80 percent of engine we shipped in the U.S.

At Briggs & Stratton, we know that the small engine is the heart of every lawn mower. For more than 105 years, we’ve been evolving and proving engine innovations to build on Budding’s original lawnmower.

Want to learn more about the history of the lawn mower engine and Briggs & Stratton? Check out a brief Briggs & Stratton history, 100 Years of Small Engine History, or find out more about lawn mower history. You can also read the book by Jeffrey L Rodengen, “The Legend of Briggs & Stratton.”

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