Four Simple Steps to a Mower Tune Up

If you’ve been putting off tuning up your walk-behind mower because you think it’s too complicated, think again.

A tune up is much easier than you might suspect and a great way to assure that your lawn mower is ready to perform when you need it to. To help out, Briggs & Stratton has put together a handy infographic to guide you through our 4-step Mower Tune Up. Print it, share it and keep that mower happy.

BBefore you begin, check out your operator’s manual for exact instructions and requirements (you can find Briggs & Stratton models online). Make your tune up even easier with a tune-up kit or oil evacuation kit from Briggs & Stratton online or at your local dealer or home improvement store. Finally, be sure to find a dealer in advance that can recycle your discarded oil safely.

4 Step Mower Tune Up

Still unsure? Briggs & Stratton has videos to show you how to tune up your riding mower and your push mower.

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